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Slag Stopper(Used Outside BOF Converters)

The slag stopper is mainly used outside BOF converters for slag control during tapping. When blowing oxygen during the smelting process, the slag control system can also prevent the molten steel splashing out.

When rocking the furnace for steel tapping, the slag stopper can take effect in the aspects of preventing steel slag from entering into the molten steel, reducing the metallic inclusion in the molten steel, refraining from steel slag flowing out to generate rephosphorization, as well as improving steel quality and ferroalloy yield. Meanwhile, it is also necessary in the process of smelting special steel. The slag stopper would fall off when the furnace rocking is finished to begin the steel tapping.

The slag stopping device is favorably noticed when it is launched into the market. There are reasons for the high compliment including simple structure, light weight, convenient use and low price.

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