1. Slag Darts (for 30-150 Ton BOF Converters)We supply two kinds of slag darts to suit the demand of BOF converters with different processing capacity. Our slag dart heads are shaped into a circular cone with three steel flowing grooves on its outside. By using the shaped refractory, the slag stopping efficiency can be enhanced to no less than 90% .
    1. Slag Darts (for 160-300 Ton BOF Converters)Our range of slag darts is designed for slag control during steelmaking process, and thus is a kind of commonly used refractory material in BOF converters. The slag control system is suitable for BOF converters with capacity from 160 to 300t.
    1. Slag Dart TailThe slag dart tail is the guide connection structure for slag dart. It connects the head part (hemisphere) of the slag dart to play the function of guide positioning.
    1. Slag Stopper BallThe slag stopper ball was invented by the Japanese Nippon Steel Corporation in 1970. It blocks the tapping hole when the steel tapping is about to end to prevent the steel slag from flowing into the ladle by exploiting the principle of the density of the product being between that of the steel and slag, generally with the value of 4.2 to 4.5g/cm³.
    1. Slag Stopper (Used Outside BOF Converters) The slag stopper is mainly used outside BOF converters for slag control during tapping. When blowing oxygen during the smelting process, the slag control system can also prevent the molten steel splashing out.

Slag Stoppers(Refractory Products for BOF Converters)